Friday Wrap-up: ECHR, DTX and Iran, and actors without salary

Illustration: Meydan TV

The week of September 31 – October 4 saw European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and Azerbaijani applications, Iran rejecting the claims of the DTX and actors in Sumgayit have their salaries delayed.

ECHR is examining 43 applications sent from Azerbaijan

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) started examining 43 applications sent from Azerbaijan in October. 

Most of the applicants are persons who were detained, arrested and prosecuted in the events that took place in Nardaran settlement in November 2015. From these, the court will consolidate all applications and communicate them with the government in four cases.

Another case, which the ECHR began investigating in October, is related to the complaint of lawyer Yalchin Imanov, who was expelled from the Bar Association. He considers his removal from the bar due to his statements to the press to be an interference with the right to respect for private life and freedom of expression guaranteed by the Convention.

In the case “Zohra Hajiyeva and Fatma Asgarova v. Azerbaijan”, the violation of property rights was disputed. In this case, the properties of the applicants were expropriated by the Baku City Executive Authority. The applicants complained that they were not paid additional compensation.

Iran rejects the claims of DTX

This week, the State Security Service of Azerbaijan (DTX) detained Azerbaijani citizens suspected of cooperation with Iran’s special services. Members of the Muslim Union Movement, as well as previously arrested persons, were named in this criminal case.

As a response, Iran’s state-owned “IRNA” Information Agency wrote that the security service of Azerbaijan made a non-constructive claim regarding the arrest of members of an illegal armed group with ties to Iran. 

Tension has been felt in Azerbaijan-Iran relations recently. Iranian officials have announced that they are against changing the borders in any form and that they are in a position to prevent it. At the same time, local MPs condemned Iran’s training on the border with Azerbaijan. 

Actors employed in Sumgait say their salaries are delayed

A group of actors of the Sumgayit State Drama Theater addressed a video appeal to the Minister of Culture Anar Karimova .

The video is related to the low and late payment of salaries, as well as the appointment of a director to the theater that has been operating without a director for several months. Honored artist Rauf Agakishiyev stated in his appeal that the salary of the collective has been delayed for several months.

Vidadi Mammadov, Deputy Director of Sumgayit State Drama Theater and Honored Artist, told Meydan TV that there was no delay in the payment of salaries and that he was not aware of the actors’ appeal.

 At present, about 45 actors work in the theater.

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