Friday Wrap-up: salaries, a flare up and embassy invasion

Officials have their salaries raised by presidential decrees. Illustration: Meydan TV

The week of August 1-5 saw President Aliyev increasing deputies and other officials salaries, disputes at Nagorno-Karabakh region and the Azerbaijani embassy in London raided.

Salaries of MPs, judges and other officials have been increased

President Ilham Aliyev signed a series of decrees increasing the salaries of high-ranking public servants and politicians.

From September 1, the salary of MPs, of the speaker of the parliament, the presidents of the Constitutional and Supreme courts, the Prosecutor General and Chamber of Accounts representatives will be increased.

The raise will be of more than 1000 AZN monthly to each one of the positions.

Flare up in Nagorno-Karabakh

New clashes between Karabakh forces and the Azerbaijani army happened this week in Karabakh. Azerbaijan and Armenia blamed each other over renewed confrontation

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense claimed that one of its soldiers died following a “terrorist act” in the region. As a response, the country decided to carry out a “retaliatory operation“. Three people were killed during the flare up.

Russia accuses Azerbaijan of violating the trilateral cease-fire agreement achieved on November 2020, while French President Emmanuel Macron called his Azerbaijani counterpart to expressed concern about the tensions that have arisen in the region in recent days.

Azerbaijani embassy in London is stormed by a Shiite extremist group

On August 4, the Azerbaijani embassy in London was raided by the self-named group “Servantsa of Mehdi”.

Media reports show that the group was created in London and that they oppose the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, questioning the religious credentials of Iran’s leader Khamenei.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan informed that members of the group, who entered the embassy building and committed “acts of vandalism”, raised religious flags on the balcony of the building and shouted radical religious slogans.

Local police intervened, and the invaders were taken out of the building and detained. Nobody was injured.

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