The price of flour has increased regionally

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There is a shortage of flour in Baku markets

In some areas of Baku, flour is sold by the kilo. No more than two kilos of flour is given to one person. This restriction is imposed to ensure that everyone receives at least some flour.

The price of 50 kilos of flour, whose price was 38 manats until a week ago, has also increased in the regions. It is now sold for 40-45 manats. Naila Mammadova, a resident of Masazir, says that she could not find 10-25 kilo sacks of flour in the markets near her house. 50 kilo sacks of flour have been missing for days.

“Today, there were only 1 and 2 kilos of flour in the market in the neighborhood. They did not give more than two kilos to one person. A woman wanted to buy 10 pieces of one-kilo flour, but she was told ‘no’ at the cash register. Out of anger, she threw some of the flour on the ground.”

There is no flour in the markets of the Bayil settlement. Nemet Valiyev, a resident, complains about not being able to buy flour for his household for two days. He says that he visited nine different markets today and only one location had flour: “They sold 50 kilos for 45 manats. I had only 40 manats on me, I couldn’t buy it.”

Vahid Maharramli, an expert on agriculture, also says that the price increases of flour spreads from the regions to the center: “For two days now, the price of a 50-kilogram sack of flour in the regions has increased from 38 manats to 43 manats. Moreover, the quality of the offered flour is low, and the price is high.”

The increase in the price of flour is explained by the increase in the price of wheat in global markets. This in turn is caused by the war between two grain exporting countries – Russia and Ukraine. As a result of the war, both countries imposed export restrictions. Ukrainian ports are generally closed.

This was observed in global markets with both wheat shortages and price increases. International and local experts are of the opinion that the price increase will continue in this direction.

According to official statistics, Azerbaijan needs 3.5 million tons of wheat annually for bread consumption. The country meets 40 percent of its demand for wheat through imports. For example, in 2021, wheat was planted on an area of ​​595 thousand hectares in Azerbaijan. Annual wheat production was 1.9 million tons. In 2022, planting was carried out on 547.2 thousand hectares.

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