French Senate adopts a resolution on sanctions against Azerbaijan

French Senate. Source: Jo Bouroch/shutterstock

Lawyer: “The document is only a recommendation “

On November 14, the French Senate adopted a resolution providing sanctions against Azerbaijan.

295 out of 296 senators who participated in the meeting supported the project, and one voted against the document.

In the resolution, Azerbaijan was requested to withdraw from the territory of Armenia and the Lachin corridor.

At the same time, Azerbaijan and its partners were asked to respect Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to return all Armenian prisoners of war.

“All Armenian prisoners of war must be returned. Measures should be taken to protect the Armenian population, Armenian religious and cultural heritage. The French government should open a humanitarian office in Nagorno-Karabakh. The independence of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic should be recognized. Peacekeeping forces of international status should be deployed on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border,” the document states.

Lawyer Fuad Agayev told Meydan TV that the resolution has no binding legal force and called it a recommendation document.

“The sad thing is that one person voted against the resolution in the French Senate. This shows that the majority in the French Senate, ignoring the norms of international law, distorted the actual situation and adopted a document hostile to Azerbaijan,” he added.

As for the recognition of the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh reflected in the document, Agayev said that only the French head of state has such authority:

“I do not believe that President Macron would take such a step since it can further shake up the South Caucasus-Europe relations, which are already under tension”, the lawyer thinks.

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