Former Minister of Health Sentenced to Additional 7 Years Imprisonment

Али Инсанов

Али Инсанов

Former Minister of Health Ali Insanov was sentenced to seven years and five days of imprisonment in a high-security prison on April 26 by a Qaradagh district court in Baku.

The prosecutor had originally demanded 8 years and 9 days.

The prosecution claims that Ali Insanov purchased and stored psychotropic substances in the penitentiary where he served his sentence. He was also accused of resisting guards.

Ali Insanov has been detained since October 20, 2005.

Initially, he was accused of ‘attempting a coup d'état’, but then he was convicted on economic grounds for 11 years.

The verdict claimed that having held the post of Minister of Health from 1993-2005, he illegally appropriated objects of individuals and legal entities, as well as public health facilities that are state property.

Despite the fact that the Strasbourg court found this verdict to be a violation of Insanov's rights, the verdict against him was upheld.

In October 2016, 9 days before the end of the sentence Ali Insanov was accused of the illegal storage of drugs, resistance to supervisors, storage of a prohibited item.

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