Possible disciplinary action looms for Azerbaijani lawyer Zibeyda Sadighova, colleagues allege political motives

Zibeyda Sadygova. Photo: Meydan TV

Azerbaijani lawyer Zibeyda Sadighova has been summoned to an upcoming meeting of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan Bar Association scheduled for September 1.

The invitation was extended without specifying the reason. When inquired, Sadighova was informed that the invitation was issued due to a certain opinion about her, although the precise nature of this opinion remained undisclosed.

In conversation with Meydan TV, Sadighova recounted her attempt to obtain clarity regarding the opinion in question. She reported seeking an understanding of its content but was denied access to any details by the Collegium. It was communicated to her that the opinion could only be received through signature.

With only two days left before the scheduled meeting, Sadighova learned of the existence of an opinion concerning her, potentially paving the way for disciplinary measures. This development raised questions for Sadighova, who connected it to an article recently authored by a deputy regarding lawyers engaged in human rights issues. She expressed her concerns about whether the unfolding situation was linked to her advocacy for human rights causes, emphasizing that defending such rights should not be treated as an offense.

Meydan TV attempted to reach out to Anar Bagirov, the Chairman of the Bar Association, multiple times but received no response to their inquiries. Sattar Mammadov, the chief lawyer-consultant of the Bar Association, stated that the Presidium meeting had not yet occurred and cited the confidentiality of the matter when pressed for details. He directed further inquiries to Sadighova.

Zibeyda Sadighova is recognized for her legal advocacy on behalf of socio-political activists and critical journalists. Notably, her husband, Elchin Sadigov, and other legal practitioners engaged in similar work were also subject to suspension on July 6, as decided by the Presidium of the Bar Association. Elchin Sadigov asserted that the suspension of their legal licenses had political undertones, implying a motive beyond professional conduct concerns.

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