Health concerns reported for jailed activist amidst 14-day hunger strike

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Niyamaddin Ahmadov, a member of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) and the party chairman Ali Karimli’s bodyguard, has reportedly been on a hunger strike for the past 14 days at Correctional Facility No. 12. His hunger strike is said to be in protest against what he and his supporters deem as unjust treatment.

According to statements given to Meydan TV by APFP representatives, Ahmadov’s health has deteriorated significantly during his two-week hunger strike.

The reasons behind Ahmadov’s detention stem from allegations made against him, including charges of terrorism and involvement in activities against the state. These allegations resulted in a 13-year prison sentence for Ahmadov, who has denied any wrongdoing.

Furthermore, it is alleged that Ahmadov was subjected to harsh interrogation methods during the investigation phase. Despite these circumstances, he has continued to assert his innocence.

In response to Ahmadov’s situation, Karimli – the APFP chairman – has criticized what he perceives as an unjust targeting of individuals who advocate for principles and fairness.

Attempts to obtain a response from the Penitentiary Service regarding Ahmadov’s hunger strike and the conditions of his confinement have been unsuccessful.

The legal proceedings against Ahmadov date back to April 2020 when he was initially detained for alleged violations of quarantine regulations. Subsequently, more serious charges were brought against him, resulting in a lengthy prison sentence.

The allegations against Ahmadov also involve claims of financial support for activities deemed as terrorist in nature. However, he maintains his innocence, arguing that he has been unjustly implicated in these accusations.

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