Baku Celebrates Qadr Gecesi, Night of Power

Qadr Gecesi translates roughly to “The Night of Power”, “The Night of Decree” or the “Night of Value”.

It is celebrated on the 10th to last night of Ramadan, and is meant to mark the day on which the first verses of the Qu’ran were revealed to Muhammad.

This year the holiday fell on the June 13 - 14. Two more ‘Qadr gecesi’ will be held on the nights of June 15 - 16 and June 17 - 18.

The “Night of Power” also means decisive night. While celebrating this night, Muslims focus on the revelation of the Qu’ran and also on the destiny of the people for the coming year.

Worshippers gather in mosques or in their houses for prayers.

Meydan TV captured this religious right in photographs below.

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