Azerbaijani Popular Front Party demonstrations: "End to thievery, end to monarchy!"

Azerbaijani Popular Front Party held a demonstration on September 11 in protest of the upcoming September 26 constitutional referendum.

Party leaders demanded the cancelling of the referendum, the release of political prisoners and an end to political and economic corruption.

Ali Karimli, who has been expecting to be arrested in the past several weeks for his position in the party, spoke at the demonstrations at 17,00, and announced the movement 'a new start to freedom.' 

"We say: no to corruption! No to stealing from the people! No to unfair courts! No to incapable government administration!" he said while speaking. 

According to Radio Azadliq, NIDA Civic Movement member, Ulvi Hasanli, criticized the government's anti-democratic policy against youth: "The authorities, by arresting young activists, think that they can save themselves. But actually, they are only brining nearer the end to their power."  



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