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Poor internet stops children from attending school in Goychay

Residents of Baydovul village attribute this to the lack of telecommunication infrastructure.

"Neither last year nor this year were students able to join online classes. The reason is that we cannot connect to the Internet because there is no telephone line. As a result, the children are falling behind. It seems that online education in this country has nothing to do with our village. ”

Residents of Baydovul village of Goychay told Meydan TV that the lack of a telephone line in the village is causing problems for schoolchildren.

"As important as air and water"

Village resident Nusrat Gurbanov says:

"One of my children is in school, but he has been out of school for a year due to the lack of internet. High school students have to prepare for exams, graduates have to prepare for university, and the biggest tool here is the Internet. The Internet is as important to these children as air and water. It is as if civilization has not reached our village.”

The villagers appealed to the Presidential Administration, and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, but did not receive a positive response. Nusrat Gurbanov says Baydovul is the only village in the region without telecommunications.

"Exams are coming, but ..."

"Almost all villages have a telephone line and internet. Only Baydovul is in this situation. We have appealed to everyone from the Presidential Administration, the executive branch and the relevant ministry. They aren't concerned with a telecommunications problem in a village of more than 2,000 people. The exams for the upper grades are coming, but the children can't study for the exams,” said the complainant.

"Modern technical equipment will be installed"

According to the Goychay District Executive Power, it is not possible to solve the problem at present due to the lack of technological installation work in connection with the provision of communication services in the Baydovul village.

"Modern technical equipment will be installed in the area to provide a high level of telecommunications services. Only after that will the Goychay Telecommunication Center of Aztelekom LLC provide communication services", they say.

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