PFPA members.

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Caption: PFPA members.

PFPA members released to house arrest

Article was updated on :  16 November 2020

Fuad Gahramanli, Asif Yusifli, Mammad Ibrahim, Bakhtiyar Imanov, and Ayaz Maharramli are among those released.

Of the 36 people arrested after the protest on the night of 14-15 July, 21 have been released to house arrest. This is due to a decision by the Sabail District Court on 16 November, which changed the measure of restraint against them at the request of the prosecutor's office.

Of the 21 people released, twelve are activists of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA). Members of the Presidium of the Popular Front Party Fuad Gahramanli, Asif Yusifli, Mammad Ibrahim, Bakhtiyar Imanov, Ayaz Maharramli are among those released.

The case was sent to the Sabail District Court in late September. It is being considered by the chairman of the court Agamali Gafarov. Although a preliminary hearing was scheduled for 27 October, it was not held and the trial was postponed indefinitely.

Prosecutors T. Gahramanov and S. Salmanov, who will defend the state prosecution in this case, submitted a petition to the court on November 16. A court hearing was scheduled immediately, and the lawyers of the accused named in the petition were informed about it.

The PPFA told Meydan TV that a total of sixteen people were involved in the criminal case as defendants. No pre-trial detention was imposed on one of them: “After the release of 12 people, three APFP members remain in custody in this criminal case. These are Ramid Nagiyev, a member of the APFP Organization Department, Elnur Jabbarov, chairman of the Garadagh district branch, and Gunduz Mirzayev, a member of the Binagadi district organization.

In addition, former Deputy Interior Minister of Nakhchivan Sayavush Mustafayev, member of the Movement for Democracy and Welfare of Azerbaijan Parvin Chobanov and others were detained.

Among those released under house arrest are two members of the Muslim Union Movement - Kamil Mahmudov and Tural Valiyev.

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Article was updated on :  16 November 2020
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