Fairmont Hotel in the capital city of Baku

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Caption: Fairmont Hotel in the capital city of Baku

Flame Towers complex under investigation, COVID-19 cases pass 20,000

An investigation has been launched into the Baku's iconic Flame Towers complex hotel, which allegedly violated the quarantine regime over the weekend.

On 5 July, one of the hotels of the Flame Towers complex located in central Baku was charged with violating quarantine rules set to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Azerbaijan. The hotel had reportedly opened its swimming pool for guests over the weekend.

Dozens of people, including children, were seen swimming and sunbathing around the pool in videos and photos shared on social media, allegedly shot on Saturday.

According to local media reports, the images were taken at the Fairmont hotel. Interior Ministry spokesman Ehsan Zahidov confirmed to BBC News Azerbaijani that it was indeed the hotel in question.

Fairmont has neither confirmed nor denied the incident.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all resorts and beaches are closed in most parts of Azerbaijan, including the capital city of Baku.

Infections in Azerbaijan exceeds 20,000

Another 523 infection cases were registered in Azerbaijan on Sunday.

The Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers announced that 451 people recovered and 9 died raising, the death toll to 250.

So far, 20,324 people have been infected with the lethal virus in Azerbaijan. 11,742 of them have recovered, according to official figures.

According to the operational headquarters, 516,533 tests were conducted in the country since late February when the first infection was reported.

Due to a sharp increase in infection rate the government extended the strict quarantine up until 21 July, although it was supposed to end on 5 July.

All shops, malls, cafes and restaurants, as well as beauty salons and cosmetic services are prohibited across the country.

Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open.

All public transport is shut on the weekends as part of the strict quarantine.

Citizens' movement is under strict control. Although the police are no longer officially patrolling the streets, officers are still seen on the streets performing checks. People are allowed to leave their homes for up to two hours for certain activities.

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