Explosion on Azerbaijani military base kills two soldiers

Two soldiers were killed and nine other servicemen were injured by an explosion at a military base in the Azerbaijani province of Aghstafa, local media reported over the weekend.

The explosion occurred in Aghstafa’s Qirli village on July 6.

Ministry of Defense officials reported two casualties and one injured, while reports the number of the injured at nine.

Aghstafa central hospital reports 11 were brought to their medical center, while two of them died at the scene. Nine are still in critical conditions and were sent to hospitals in Ganja and Baku after having received first aid, Aghstafa central hospital surgery department’s head Ziyafat Jalilova told Meydan TV.

Local executive representive of Qirli village confirmed the incident to Meydan TV, but refused to provide more details.

A criminal investigation has been launched into the incident, Military Prosecutor’s Office was quoted as saying by APA.

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